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Is It a Good Time to Invest in the Motor Vehicle Sector?

Car companies are making better looking vehicles that are made better and perform better.  As a result, the stocks are doing much better.  For the last year of market action Ford Motors (NYSE: F) is up more than 24 percent.  For that same period, General Motors has risen by over 14 percent.  Nissan Motors (NASDAQ: [...]

Make Your Portfolio More Fashionable Along with Your Wardrobe

Eventually the wardrobe that worked throughout college will have to be upgraded for most students when it comes time to enter the workforce.  There is no reason not to use that experience to help you become a better investor.  As a matter of fact, there is every reason to utilize it to become a more [...]

How To Become a Millionaire by Investing

Investing is one of the keys to becoming a millionaire.  It’s one of the secrets from your millionaire neighbors.  But the truth is – investing itself isn’t the secret.  It’s how you do it that matters. I want to show you what it takes right now to become a millionaire through investing.  It possible, and [...]

Gains Ahead for Pharmaceutical Sector

Due to the provisions of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, there are huge opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector for long term investors, no matter what the style.  That is certainly been shown by the performance of “Big Pharma” companies such as Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY), Merck (NYSE: MK), and Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) in recent [...]

Investing for Millennials

Us millennials are a different generation when it comes to money and investing.  We grew up in the face of two huge economic events – the tech bubble and the housing crisis.  We grew up in a decade of war overseas.  And we have been growing up in a world of increasingly polarized news - it’s [...]

Plug Power – Great Run and Still More Good Days Ahead

Plug Power is up over 3000% over the past year and 222% in the past three months.  The company plays within the green movement in fuel cells. It is part industrial, part tech.  It does not sell a sexy new product, it is in the forklift and material handling market.  The key is, its fuel [...]

The Bull Market is Still Ahead for Many Promising Small Caps

It is hardly news that the bull market for stocks just hit its five-year anniversary. But the tripling of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from March 2009 has not lifted all stock prices, especially for those in the small cap sector.  For every small cap like Quadrant 4 System (NASDAQ: QFOR) that is up more [...]

Is Gold Coming Back?

For long term investing, there are three major reasons to consider owning gold securities such as the SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE: GLD), the exchange traded fund for gold; Barrick Gold (NYSE: GLD), the world’s largest gold company; or Premium Exploration (OTC: PMMEF), a promising small cap firm operating in Idaho. As the chart below shows, [...]

Early Retirement: Find Work You Love and Start Saving Now

Early retirement means something different to just about everyone. Some believe early retirement is having enough passive income to cover expenses for the rest of their lives. Others think early retirement is ditching a soul sucking day job and finding work they love. Others believe it’s a combination of the two. Whether early retirement is [...]

4 Investing Mistakes That Cost These Investors Millions…

Everyone makes mistakes investing – even the so-called “pros”.  I’ve made mistakes, and I’m sure you’ve made some mistakes. The truth is, we learn from mistakes.  However, when it comes to investing, it’s better to learn from someone else’s costly mistake that it is to make your own expensive ones. I’ve previously shared my best [...]

10 Reasons Everyone Should Learn How to Invest. #6 is My Favorite Reason!

At this point, you probably know that investing is a good idea.   Well, maybe you don’t buy it?   If you’re like a lot of millennials, you might not.  In fact, a recent UBS study indicates that most millennials are very risk adverse.   But that’s not very smart.  Everyone needs to learn how [...]

Profit from Correlation Investing

No matter what, every individual has a unique insight into an industry that is useful for investing for profit.  If you are a shoe freak and see a certain brand selling well from Nike (NYSE: NKE) and know that those from Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX) are no longer the rage, then gains can be made from [...]

How To Invest If You Don’t Make Much Money

I recently got this email from a reader about what’s holding her back from starting to invest: The bottom line is that fear of not having much money is holding Amber back. I want to bust this myth today – why you don’t need to make much money to invest.  Let’s take a look at [...]

Having Life Insurance for Investing

Do you currently have a life insurance policy? Did you know that there are policies available that allow you to invest within the “blanket” of your life insurance? It’s true – but the real question is, ‘is this a good idea?’ The most common life insurance policy that offers an investment option is known as [...]

Should You Tell People What You Invest In?

John and I used to play golf regularly until one day he started asking me about what stocks I invested in.  At this point in time, I refused to tell him what I was specifically doing until he mentioned what he was doing and just wanted to know why I was doing whatever I was [...]