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growth funds

Investing Tip #87: Invest in One or Two Growth Funds

Growth Funds invest in growth companies which are expanding profits and earnings. Select one or two highly rated growth funds and invest a small amount periodically. Let your money compound over a long period. If you want to learn more check out these resources: The Ultimate Guide on When … Keep Reading...

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summer break

Going Home for the Summer? 5 Fun Things to Do

School is out for the summer and many of you will be heading back to Mom and Dad’s house. And if you’re anything like me you’re pretty happy to be back with your family again. That’s not to say that summer break can’t sometimes get boring though. If you run out of things to do, [...]

Kids Investing

How to Get Your Kids Interested in Investing

Some of the most powerful men in the world began investing when they were just kids. Warren Buffett bought his first stock (with his own money) when he was 7 or 8 years old. By investing, he quickly became interested in how the economy and the investment market worked. Why does a stock go up [...]

buy low

Investing Tip #77: Buy Stock at a Lower Price than its Actual Value

Peter Lynch warns that if you purchase grossly overpriced stock, you won’t make any money even if everything goes right. The key to successful investing is to find the intrinsic values of the stocks and then pick only the ones that are quoting at significant discounts to these values. You buy only when you get [...]

optionshouse refer a friend program

OptionsHouse Promo Codes

Since I started investing earlier this year I’ve used Sharebuilder to buy my stocks. Since I already had an account with Capital One 360 this seemed like an easy thing to do. So like a sucker, I paid $6.95 per trade which equated to a pretty decent amount of my investments. But with so many [...]

investing homework

Investing Tip #76: Do Your Homework

Would you be surprised to learn that most investors do absolutely no researching when it comes to investing? “If you read the annual report, you will have done more than 98% of the people on Wall Street” well known investor and author Jim Rogers says, “most people don’t bother even doing the basic homework.” Fisher, [...]

Travis Freeman

Growing Up On Food Stamps To Millionaire Helping Other Families

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Travis Freeman, who is the President of Four Seasons Financial Education.  He is also a Certified Financial Planner.  But that’s Travis today.  He didn’t grow up with money, and his role models for money were his parents who struggled to get by.  But he didn’t let [...]

bonds with high ratings

Investing Tip #75: Prefer Bonds with High Ratings

The rating companies, such as Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch, provide ratings to the bond issues. The ratings that are dependent on the credibility, stability and financial health of the company, help you to determine the risk associated with the Bond. Buy only investment grade bonds having ratings from Aaa/AAA to Baa/BBB. Avoid high-yield [...]

online universities

6 Common Attributes of America’s Top Online Universities

The state of today’s economy is the driving force behind many people returning to school to further their career or to change their career path entirely. No matter what the motive, there’s no doubt that alternative learning programs and online universities have really turned things up a notch. These institutions are competing directly with their [...]

rising industries

Investing Tip #74: Target Some Rising Industries

Look for companies in rising industries. Find hi-tech companies and the companies with potential to grow in new sectors. Your investment would grow with the success of such companies. As the new sectors carry higher risk, this should constitute only a small proportion of your portfolio. If you want to learn more check out these [...]

fixed deposits

Investing Tip #73: Look Beyond Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits with banks provide guaranteed, but modest returns. You may even get negative real interest. Over time, you may find that inflation has eroded most of your wealth. You should keep only a small portion of your savings in fixed deposits and the large portion in other investment alternatives such as stocks, mutual funds [...]


Why Using Plagiarism Detection is Important

Reputation of online business is receiving serious threats from issues like plagiarism. As we are all aware, reputation of a business is the most important tool in the online world to maintain client interest. Therefore, damaging blow to business reputation can slow down and often end the livelihood of a commercial organization in the online [...]

Portfolio Jumpstart

The 5 Minute Summer Portfolio Jumpstart

Given it’s the middle of summer, I wanted to put together a quick actionable for you to take today.  I’m calling it the 5 minute summer portfolio jumpstart.  The goal of this quick exercise is to jumpstart your portfolio and make sure that you’re on the right track. For today’s jumpstart, I wanted to tackle [...]

tax-advantaged investments

Investing Tip #72: Use Tax-Advantaged Investments

One smart way to invest for growth is to use accounts that let your money grow without generating a tax bill each year. There are Tax-Advantaged Investments that are either exempt from taxation, tax-deferred or offers other types of tax benefits. Several tax-advantaged retirement plan accounts exist such as IRAs and Roth IRAs. If you want [...]

Financial Disaster

Ask The Reader: What Do You Consider A Financial Disaster?

I’ve been thinking about a topic lately, and I wanted to get some reader input on it.  I’ve been thinking about financial disasters. You see, I’m a big “worst case scenario” planner.  I always want to be as prepared (financially) as possible for any worst case scenarios.  And I’ve run through a lot of the [...]


Investing Tip #71:Subscribe to Shares in IPOs Selectively

Securities are initially offered by a company to the public for subscription in the primary market for the purpose of raising capital or funds. These are generally offered at discount to their intrinsic values. You can subscribe to shares in IPOs issued by companies promoted by good promoters. Read their prospectus and other documents carefully. [...]

Rollover Your 401k

How To Rollover Your 401k When You Change Jobs

If you’re under 40, chances are you’ve changed jobs at least 3 times – if not more.  The statistics show that the average millennial will only stay at a job for 4.4 years on average.  That means 2-3 jobs before they are 35.   Changing jobs can be great – higher pay, more benefits, etc. [...]

ratio analysis

Investing Tip #70: Use Ratio Analysis

Ratio analysis is a very useful tool to extract the information from financial statements. Financial ratios measure liquidity, activity, leverage, and profitability of a company. Ratio Analysis will help you to screen and pick up stocks consistent with your investment objective. When you’re combing through financial statements be sure to use ratio analysis. If you [...]

websites for college students

10 Websites Every College Student Should Know About

There are so many websites and apps nowadays that it can be tremendously hard to weed the useful from the useless. So we set out to do this for you. Whether you’re a college freshman just getting your start or have been in the game a bit longer these ten websites can make college life a little [...]

read financial statements carefully

Investing Tip #69: Read Financial Statements Carefully

Before investing in a particular company you need to investigate their financial health. You should never invest in a company without going through its Annual Report that comprises the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet, the Cash Flow Statement and Others, such as Management Discussion and Analysis, and the Auditor’s Report. A critical review of the [...]

Community College High School

Taking Community College Courses in High School

I recently interviewed a bunch of college financial aid advisors and they told me a bunch of secrets about college financial aid.   One of the top secrets was the need for students to start early.  This means starting to plan for college in high school.  And it goes beyond financial aid. One of the [...]