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It seems like every day we are asked to spend money on something and there's hardly any left over for fun. Here are 15 free things to do to have fun.

15 Totally Free Things to Do to Have Fun

It seems like every day we are asked to spend money on something; rent, bills, food, a gift, etc. It’s hard to feel like we have money left over for ourselves, or for any sort of fun once all is said and done. But with a little imagination, and an appreciation for the simple things, […]

Don't Invest in Bitcoin

Investing Tip #225: Don’t Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin, a digital currency, has appreciated very fast. Bitcoin is used as virtual currency for electronic purchases and transfers. Though growing in popularity and value, it is opaque. Its future is uncertain. The currency is not backed by any country’s central bank or government.  It is risky to invest. If you want to learn more […]

When Can I File My Taxes

When Can I File My 2014 Taxes?

Each December and January, the #1 question I get asked is simple: “When can I file my taxes?” You’d think it would be an easy one to answer too, but it’s never the same each year. Why? Because Congress always enacts last minute tax changes and then the IRS has to create forms to match. […]

Choose the best companies.

Investing Tip #224: Choose the Best Companies

Choose the best companies that have solid fundamentals such as earnings growth and profit margins and that are known for innovation and good corporate governance. You are thus building a strong portfolio with high quality stocks. If you want to learn more check out these resources: The Value Investing Cheat Sheet (FREE Download) The Toolkit […]

Are you wasting money without realizing it? If you do one of these five things then you definitely could be!

5 Ways You’re Wasting Money Without Realizing It

Are you wasting money without realizing it? We all do it at one point or another. It’s not until that light bulb moment goes off that you realize exactly what’ve you done. Sometimes you waste money by not paying enough attention and at other times you actually think you’re saving. I’ve been there. Done that. […]

Leaders and Laggards - Why you should choose leaders.

Investing Tip #223: Which to Choose, Leader or Laggard?

Differentiate between the leaders and laggards of the stock market. There may be the same kind companies in an industry with similar products and business lines. Stocks should not be picked just because their price is cheap, they could be cheap because they are laggards. Good stocks come with a high price but also give […]

Dating On A Dime

Dating on a Dime: 11 Frugal Ideas to Keep the Romance Alive

Money and romance.  Why is it that our society seems to be clueless about the former and starved for the latter?  Why is it that the moment these two topics are combined, the result can sometimes be as gut-jarring as a breakup? I believe it’s partly due to our society’s warped perspective that in order […]

stocks follow the law of supply and demand

Investing Tip #222: Stocks Follow the Law of Supply and Demand

The movements of the stock markets are based on the Supply & Demand of shares. The share price of a company with a lower number of outstanding shares will move easily compared to a company with a larger number of outstanding shares.  O’Neil’s research shows that more than 95% of companies that have shown huge […]

stock price declines

Investing Tip #221: Understand Signal by Change in Daily Trading Volume While Price Declines

Stock price decrease accompanied by increases in volume indicates there is higher selling pressure. This shows people are selling their holdings. The price may decrease further. On the other hand if the price declines but with decrease in volume, it indicates there’s no significant selling pressure. The price may not decline further. If you want […]

Use this Formula to Find Demand for Shares!

Investing Tip #220: Read Price Movement Trend Signal by Change in Daily Trading Volume While Price is Rising

Price increase accompanied by increases in volume, indicates there is more demand for shares. This shows people are buying in. The price may rise further. On the other hand, price increase but with decrease in volume indicates the demand is diminishing for shares. The price may not rise further. If you want to learn more […]

Spending Too Much

You’re Spending Too Much! Stop It And Invest

Sometimes you read a story and you say to yourself, “What the heck?” I had this happen to me the other day, and it made me wonder why someone would even share something so dumb – especially to a national news outlet. Let me back up a step. Earlier this week I was reading the […]

Don't Sell a Stock at a New Peak

Investing Tip #219: Don’t Sell a Stock at a New Peak

When a stock reaches a new peak, investors want to book profits. They believe that the stock will not rise any further and may see a downward trend and this is the opportunity to make profits. But a stock’s new price high suggests the company’s strength. Stocks of fundamentally strong companies making new highs are […]

The year is quickly coming to a close. If you're ready to make next year amazing here are tips to overhaul your finances.

21 Tips to Overhaul Your Finances for the New Year

As Christmas approaches, many people are stressing about money and resolving to do better in the New Year. But why wait until the new year to improve your finances? You can make small steps every day from now until Christmas, to prepare for a successful 2015. As the saying goes, luck is what happens when […]

Innovation can turn a company around. Invest in innovative companies.

Investing Tip #218: Innovation Can Turn Around a Company

History is full of examples how an innovation changes companies’ fortunes. Apple is one of the best examples which shows that innovation may make wonders for a company. With the introduction of innovative products like the iPod and the iPhone , Jobs turned around a loss making company and brought it to new heights within […]

health care

Best Choices for Healthcare Careers

The healthcare industry is booming. In fact, it’s one of the few career fields that rapidly hires despite the nation’s dismal employment figures. Healthcare jobs are expected to grow faster than in any other industry. Over the next five years, more than three million new jobs are projected to be added as the large number […]

Moto X Cell Phone Giveaway

Cyber Wednesday – Republic Wireless Moto X Giveaway

We’re kicking off the holiday season with a bang! This week we launched a $500 Visa Giftcard Giveaway, and today we’re doing a Republic Wireless Moto X Giveaway with 3 months of free service! You may have seen my review of Republic Wireless, or how we compared the best cell phone plans and Republic Wireless came […]

To find a good stock compare a company's earnings with its peers.

Investing Tip #217: Compare a Company’s Earnings with Its Peers

Analyze companies’ earnings for last 5 years and compare them with other companies in the sector. This will give you a good idea about the company’s performance and position. Look for the best earnings performance now, not just a promise of future earnings. If you want to learn more check out these resources: Key Fundamentals […]

how to start a silver ira

How to Start a Silver IRA

Many investors have been looking at silver as a great way to hedge against losses in the stock market. After a sharp, 10% single day decline, silver is at an incredibly low price; giving investors and opportunity to take advantage of a great hedge at incredibly low prices. Today, we’ll talk about how silver can […]