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residual income

Residual Income: 7 Super Smart Ways to Build It

You’ve thought about it before: creating several streams of passive income to live off. But it just sounds too good to be true. I mean, how can a regular person like you create residual income? Obviously you know it can be done or people wouldn’t be buzzing about it all over the internet. Or … Keep Reading...

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invest in what you know

The Easiest Way To Find Great Companies To Invest In

Thinking and finding companies to invest in can be hard.  That’s why I wanted to share with you the best way to find great companies that you can invest in right now.  It doesn’t require diligent research; it doesn’t require vast investment knowledge; and it doesn’t require any special skills.  All it requires is a [...]

money market mutual funds

Investing Tip #117: Park Money in Money Market Mutual Funds

Money market mutual funds are an open-end mutual fund which invests only in money markets securities and other short-term securities, usually of less than 30 days maturity. They are very liquid and provide good returns. If you want to learn more check out these resources: Comparing Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds The Trouble with Target Date [...]

stock market

3 Stock Market Investment Options

While stock market investment may have been historically associated with experienced traders or those approaching retirement, the financial landscape has changed considerably in the last decade. In fact, technological advancement and the removal of numerous barriers to entry has actually made stock market trading far more accessible to a younger demographic. This does not mean [...]

emergency fund

Investing in Yourself: Start an Emergency Fund

We recently asked “What Do You Consider a Financial Disaster?” It is an incredibly personal question and one that some of us really don’t want to think about. We are all working so hard to be financially smart and responsible. We don’t want to think about something wiping us out! I wonder, though, if for many [...]

masters degrees

Masters Degrees: What You Need to Know About Benefits and Financing

With the soaring cost of college tuition, many people are opting for full-time jobs, especially in these unstable economic times. Although the savings are significant, not attending college is just not smart, according to most education experts. At all levels of employment, a master’s degree comes with a marked increase in pay and career advancement. [...]

short term movement

Investing Tip #116: Ignore Short Term Movements

Don’t panic when your investments show short-term downside movements. When tracking the activities of your investments, you should look at the big picture. Remember to be confident in the quality of your investments rather than nervous about the inevitable volatility of the short term. If you want to learn more check out these resources: Cash [...]

low p/e

Investing Tip #115: Low P/E Does Not Mean Undervalued Stock

P/E ratio is a common measure of how the market currently values the firm’s earnings. It is a ratio between market price per equity share and earnings per share. But a low P/E ratio doesn’t necessarily mean a stock is undervalued, nor does a high P/E ratio necessarily mean the stock is overvalued. Look at [...]

minimize investing in 457 plans

Investing Tip #114: Minimize Investing in 457 Plans

Though 457 Plans are similar to 403(k) and 403(b) plans, the contributions under 457 plans get mixed up with the organization’s fund. These are not kept separate. If the company faces a  financial crunch, your retirement fund would be at risk. Protect yourself and minimize investing in 457 plans. If you want to learn more [...]

house flipping

What Makes House Flipping a Great Business Idea?

House flipping is a very straightforward principle. You buy houses that you see potential in, do them up, and the sell them on for a tidy profit. It’s no surprise that a lot of entrepreneurs start their journey to millions through a portfolio of real estate. So what exactly are the things that make it [...]

global sustainability stocks

Five-Stocks Related to Global Sustainablity Issues

Morgan Stanley Research issued five “sustainability picks” earlier this month for investors. The stock picks are all companies that can benefit from the large long-term risks in the global market. The big risks were listed as climate change, water scarcity, vast urban waste, food insecurity, public heath burdens, economic inequality, and demographic cliffs. These risks [...]


Investing Tip #113: Use a 403(b) for Your Retirement Plan

If you are working for a non-profit organization such as educational institution, church and charitable organization, use 403(b) plan for retirement savings.  This is similar to a 401(k) plan. Put the maximum savings allowed into a tax-deferred investment account. Allocate money in your plan depending on the amount of risk you wish to expose your [...]

Weird Stock Market Indicators

Weird Stock Market Indicators

There are a lot of odd hypotheses and weird indicators when it comes to stock market performance over time.  I thought it would be fun to share a few that have actually been pretty successful over time (there are, of course, thousands of others that are not as successful).   Who knows, maybe there is some [...]

use a 401(k)

Investing Tip #112: Use a 401(k) for Your Retirement Plan

If you are working for a profit organization, use a 401(k) plan for retirement savings. Put the maximum savings allowed into a tax-deferred investment account. Be sure to contribute enough money to get the employer match if offered by your company. Allocate the money in your retirement plan depending on the amount of risk you are [...]

investing in real estate

Investing in Real Estate: What You Should Know

Investing in real estate can be very profitable, but for the novice, it’s a good idea to get some sound advice before taking on another mortgage. There are blogs written by experts such as Huffington Post writer Dean Graziosi that share techniques for investing in real estate and generally educate people about this kind of [...]


Upstart P2P Lending: Is It a Good Option?

Peer to peer lending has revolutionized the traditional loan process. Instead of being tied to a bank for loans you can now turn to regular people to help you get the funding you need. Peer to peer lending is also helping the everyday investor diversify their portfolio and earn high interest in the process. With [...]

don't buy penny stocks

Investing Tip #111: Don’t Buy Penny Stocks

You can accumulate a large number of penny stocks paying only a few dollars. But in investing, it is the quality and not quantity that matters. There is also a common misconception that there is less to lose in buying a low-priced stock and investment can multiply quickly. But in reality penny stocks carry more [...]

Auto Escalation 401k

The New Trend In Automated Savings: Auto-Escalation

When signing up for benefits this year, you may notice something different when it comes to your 401k contribution – opt-out auto-escalation.  Confused?  It’s the idea that employees need to decide NOT to join the 401k and NOT to increase contributions each year, rather than opt in. When enrolling in your benefits, you’ll notice something similar [...]

investing future

Investing Tip #110: Focus on the Future

In investing, it’s what happens in the future that matters most. Though current and past data are relevant for any meaningful analysis, your decision has to based on future potential rather than on what has already happened in the past. If you want to learn more check out these resources: Cash Cow Stocks: Great for [...]

learn technical analysis before trading

Investing Tip #109: Learn Technical Analysis Before Trading

Technical analysis is based on the study of charts and graphs of trading patterns and prices to forecast the future movement of prices through the study of past market data. Statistical tools provide technical indicators based on price and/or volume data. They use current and past market data to indicate market trends and to estimate [...]

investing is not trading

Investing Tip #108: Investing is Not Trading

Investing is not trading. They are quite different ways of making gains from the market. They have different risk profile and need different strategies. If you are a long term investor avoid trading. If you want to learn more check out these resources: What Do You Tell the Successful Stock Picker? Stay Lazy, My Friend