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Tim Sykes Penny Stocks

How To Make Millions Trading Penny Stocks with Timothy Sykes

Penny stocks – it’s one of those investments that either gets you very excited or gets your blood boiling.  For some, it has been a lucrative trading choice. For others, it’s an area that should be avoided at all costs. Well, today I’m really excited to have on a very well known millionaire today, and [...]

become a taxi driver

Side Hustle Idea: Become a Taxi Driver

Side hustles are a great way to bring in additional income while attending college or working a full time job. And if you love driving and have a clean driving record becoming a taxi cab driver could be the perfect side hustle If you’re interested in becoming a taxi driver here are a few things [...]

millionaire by investing

How To Become a Millionaire by Investing

Investing is one of the keys to becoming a millionaire.  It’s one of the secrets from your millionaire neighbors.  But the truth is – investing itself isn’t the secret.  It’s how you do it that matters. I want to show you what it takes right now to become a millionaire through investing.  It possible, and [...]

Free Financial Advisor

WiseBanyan Review: A Free Online Financial Advisor

New to investing? Sick of high account minimums? Tired of paying trading, management, and rebalancing fees? WiseBanyan could be the solution to all of your investing frustrations. After witnessing firsthand the often misaligned values of financial advisors and their clients, combined with too high minimum investment amounts, and unreasonable fees the idea for WiseBanyan was [...]

marketing your business

How to Get Your New Business Off the Ground

We’ve proven over and over that starting a business while you’re in college, or shortly after you graduate, can be a very lucrative move. Many young entrepreneurs have turned their small businesses into huge brands. And with hard work and a well thought out marketing strategy you can do the same. When it comes to [...]

gains for pharmaceutical sector

Gains Ahead for Pharmaceutical Sector

Due to the provisions of The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, there are huge opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector for long term investors, no matter what the style.  That is certainly been shown by the performance of “Big Pharma” companies such as Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY), Merck (NYSE: MK), and Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) in recent [...]


How Do You Budget? Savvy Spreadsheets Review

I have searched for a simple budgeting template to suit my needs for what seems like forever. With not much luck I’ve always turned to a generic template I found through Microsoft Excel. So when I got the chance to try out Savvy Spreadsheets I took it. I played around with two different spreadsheets: the [...]

should parents pay for kids college

Should Parents Pay for Their Children’s College Education?

As a kid you think that your parents have been socking money away for your future college education. Then you grow up. And chances are that magical fund that you thought existed, doesn’t. When you head off to college you really aren’t worried about things like student loans. You don’t even grasp what debt can [...]

investing for millennials

Investing for Millennials

Us millennials are a different generation when it comes to money and investing.  We grew up in the face of two huge economic events – the tech bubble and the housing crisis.  We grew up in a decade of war overseas.  And we have been growing up in a world of increasingly polarized news - it’s [...]

Plug Power

Plug Power – Great Run and Still More Good Days Ahead

Plug Power is up over 3000% over the past year and 222% in the past three months.  The company plays within the green movement in fuel cells. It is part industrial, part tech.  It does not sell a sexy new product, it is in the forklift and material handling market.  The key is, its fuel [...]

Slash Your Budget

3 Small Things You Can Do Right Now to Cut Your Budget

Do you need more money? If your answer is yes you’re presented with two options: earn more money or slash your budget. While both options are good it takes a lot less effort to cut expenses than it does to earn more money. And surprisingly, it’s the small things that make a huge difference in [...]

student loan debt mortgage

Does a Student Loan Affect Getting a Mortgage?

Last year, I helped answer a reader’s question about applying for a mortgage while on Income Based Repayment.  However, over the last several months, I’ve been getting bombarded with questions about how student loan debt impacts your ability to get a mortgage.  Maybe it’s because the housing market is improving, or maybe it’s because people [...]

Bull Market for Small Caps

The Bull Market is Still Ahead for Many Promising Small Caps

It is hardly news that the bull market for stocks just hit its five-year anniversary. But the tripling of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from March 2009 has not lifted all stock prices, especially for those in the small cap sector.  For every small cap like Quadrant 4 System (NASDAQ: QFOR) that is up more [...]

Good vs. Bad Investments

Good vs. Bad: Investments

Even the smartest investors can sometimes hit a dud. The truth is that it has little to do with the type of investment one holds. A person who knows a lot about real estate my make a ton of money flipping houses, while someone without that experience might find it to be a bad investment. [...]

tax tips milennials

Top Tax Tips for Millennials

Millennials face a different tax situation than most filers.  They are at a challenging point in their lives: In college or just graduated Just starting out at a first job Just starting to save or invest for retirement Most rent, but some are looking to buy their first homes Many are side hustling to make [...]

Minimize Student Loan Debt

How to Minimize the Amount of Student Debt You Need

It happens too often. A soon to be college student heads off for school. Thinking more about the present than the future he finances more than his education. He uses student loans to fund his lifestyle and his learning. Upon graduation he feels crushed by the amount of debt hanging over his head. And he [...]

Structured Settlements

Best Way to Find a Buyer for Your Structured Settlements

Structured settlement gives a great support to the plaintiff who has suffered some kind of damage. It is a source of continuous payment which helps the holder to take care of his financial needs for a very long time. But some people decide to sell this continuous source of income. The reason can be anything, [...]

stock market correction

Preparing for a Stock Market Correction

Last week the stock market sold off almost 2% and signaled that it could be the start of a correction.  We’ve been here before though (in January), and the stock market just rebounded to all time highs.  However, in any good long term bull market, there are corrections, where the stock market drops by 10%. [...]


The College Investor 2014 Insight Survey

Hey College Investor Community! I’m looking for some insights from you so that I can create the type of content you want to see this year! To help me really understand what you’re looking for, I’ve put together a SHORT 1 Minute survey that’s just 5 questions long.  Yes, I’ve taken the survey myself and [...]

Save Money on Spring Wardrobe

How to Save Big When Updating Your Wardrobe for Spring

In the United States, shoppers spend $250 billion each year on fashion, according to StatisticBrain. No matter how much of that total comes from your wallet, it’s likely that you want it to be less without having to buy less. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for spring this year, you’ve no doubt already [...]