Controversial Finance Posts – Have You Commented?

Financial ControversySince I started writing for The College Investor, I have been surprised by the fact that there are still several topics in personal finance that are very controversial. It would seem to me that after hundreds of years of personal finance, budgeting, investing, etc., most of these issues would have concrete “you should do it this way” answers. But alas, there are more controversial issues than you would expect, and I have complied a list of some of mine as well as some others from around the Yakezie Network, a group of the top personal finance blogs out there!


Most Controversial Financial Posts

First, I’m going to start with a post from Free From Broke. He wrote this article about Traits Keeping You From Being Rich. Seems like a pretty reasonable list, but there were over 100 comments about items that were agreed and disagreed with. I agree with most, with the exception of needing a college eduction (even though I believe most people who are rich do have one!).


Next, commodity investing always seems to get people riled up. I wrote two posts earlier in the year, one about Do Not Buy Gold! and one about Wanting to Invest in Oil. I still stand by both, even though prices have gone up as of late. We still have 8 months left in the year for my predictions to come true.


Over at Free Money Finance, there is a post about How Much Your Smart Phone Data Plan is Really Costing You. This post got over 50 comments, including mine. People still click on my comment on this post almost daily. Here is my rebuttal on How To Get The Cheapest iPhone Data Plan.


Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff stirred up some controversy over Advertising on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. We all have to make money? We aren’t non-profits here. Give her a break!


People love their entitlements! That’s why when Compounding Returns illustrated the 10 Ways Social Security is Like a Ponzi Scheme, he drummed up some attention…but it really is hard to dismiss some of those facts!


Invest it Wisely threw out a pretty simple question on his site: Is It Worth It To Have an Emergency Fund or Should I Pay Off My Mortgage? This is one of those questions that seems like it should have a definitive answer, but just doesn’t, and it gets people heated up!


LaTisha D Styles wrote a guest post at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance about Investing Strategies for Inflation. You start talking about inflation, gold, etc, you are just looking for an online fight, and that is exactly what happened!


Didn’t pay your fire fee? Then your house burns down, sorry! Faithful With a Few looks at how Firefighters Let House Burn Down and Pet’s Die for $75.


Money is the Root doesn’t believe in savings accounts and instead puts his money elsewhere? Here are his 5 Alternatives to Savings Accounts. Thoughts?


Finally, at Money Mamba, JT shares how his Inner Economist is a Dare Devil. This is a very fun post!


MoneyCone wrote a fun piece about Were the Bailouts Necessary? The pictures in this article say as much as the article itself!


Barbara Friedberg wrote a guest post at Happy Simple Living about Financial Advisors Who Get Paid To Sell Products. This one bothers me to, as I’m a big fan of full disclosure, especially in a financial relationship!


Readers, go out and comment on these issues!


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    The firefighter one was so retarded, yet it wasn’t. I don’t know… the guy didn’t pay, but he did offer to pay. Surely any sane person would have put out the fire and assessed him for full damages, but they let it burn just to spite him. Blame it on the stupid bureaucracy and regulations which called for that? I don’t know.

  2. says

    Seriously…I can’t believe they just didn’t put out the fire in an attempt to be helpful! Especially since they were already there!

    • says

      I actually agree with you! From working in retail, coupon sharing is like stealing. And coupon fraud in general is so prevalent but so hard to prosecute because the customer is ripping of the manufacturer, not the retailer.

  3. says

    Great roundup! I’ll have to check some of those out. There is a lot of controversy and I think that’s the case because of risk tolerance. Naturally, it’s bough to depend on person to person.

    -Ravi Gupta

  4. says

    Yes, controversy is always fun. Much more likely to go viral that way! My most controversial post has been “Trying to Get a Raise is Overrated” I got about 4 times my usual number of comments on that one!

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