Totally Money Carnival: Tax Day Edition

american flag tax dayWelcome to the Tax Day Edition of the Totally Money Blog Carnival! It is estimated that about 15% of tax filers will be filing their taxes today, the last day to do so before being late! Go procrastination!

This week there were a lot of awesome posts submitted to the Totally Money Carnival! Here are my top three favorite picks from all of the posts submitted:

– The Family CEO looks at whether Student Loans are the Next Housing Crisis. I agree, especially since most student loan debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Too many people borrow way too much for education that they don’t really need. This may become a real crisis in the next few years.

– Darwin’s Money tells us how his Salary Will Never Increase Again in Real Dollars – Will Yours? He is in a very similar situation to me, and it really made me think about how my salary will keep up with the changing economy. A great read and some interesting thoughts there!

– The Year of Shopping Detox presents The Car Thing. This is an awesome article about having a car free life and how it can save you money. I think it resonates with many walks of life, and a lot of people can learn from this.


Tax Refund Saving and Investing Tips

If you are expecting a tax refund, here are some great tips on how to save or invest your money:

– Squirrelers looks at Income Growth vs. Savings, and Where Your Efforts Should Go? While not true dollar investing, time investing can reward you just as much!

– Retire by 40 gives us the nitty gritty of a Roth IRA. I’m a huge fan of Roth IRAs, for savings and tax reasons. Probably the best highlight of the US Tax Code.

– While not tax refund related, most Canadians are excited about Parity and Beyond to the USD, and the purchasing power it allows them to have!

– I’m a huge fan of REITs currently, and Jim from the Retire Happy Blog asks Do You Have Any Global Real Estate? An interesting look at whether an international REIT is a good investment.

– Compounding Returns asks How is your Emergency Fund? If it is not at least 6 months, it may be wise to put your refund there!


What To Do If You Owe Taxes

If you owe, you may want to consider these articles on how to live a little more frugally so you can pay Uncle Sam:

– One Money Design shares Three Wacky Tips for Saving Money. I definitely agree with drinking more water! Not only does it save you on food and drinks, but it can save you from huge medical bills in the future!

– Budgeting in the Fun Stuff takes a look at Daily Deal Websites Such as Groupon, and whether they are a deal or a steal? I think it goes both ways, but you really need to read the fine print. And like I mentioned before, Buy More is Not Save More!

– A lot of people look at me weird when I drink out of the drinking fountain, and the I read articles like the one at Stupid Cents, which looks at The True Price of Water, and feel much better about my choice!

– Now, I don’t think I can ever do this, but I have heard of so many people who have, and how it can save a ton of money. Parenting Family Money describes how to Make Your Own Household Cleaners For Pennies.

– Matt About Money looks at How Much Should I Spend on a House? I especially respect the tough advice at the end on what to do if you are spending too much on a house.

– I love free or cheap things to do locally, so that is why I loved reading Money Reason’s A Frugal and Fun Trip to the Park.

– Here is a truly interesting idea that I will look into. Money Talks looks at Buying Used Rental Cars to save money.

– Money in the 20s looks at how you may be able to Buy a Used Car from your Employer. I would have never thought that, but it makes sense!

– This isn’t true frugality, but it was a fun read. Live Real, Now is trying to teach his son about money by asking What’s In It For Me? Good stuff!


Finance for Young Adult and College Students

For the Young Adult or College Student:

– The Amateur Financier asks Is College Still Worth It? I think so, and he provides some great tips on how to make it a bit more affordable!

– Outlaw Finance provides a great in-depth look at How To Pay For College. There are a lot of great ideas here!

– This is a good one for the recent graduate job seeker. Totally Money looks at How to Land a Job Using Social Media.

– Mrs. Nespy’s World lists some Great Side Income Opportunities for College Students. I think it is very important for college students to work while in school. Not only does it provide income, but it provides experience!

– I like this article by Money Spruce, who looks at After Graduation, Spend Your Money Wisely. Graduates usually rack in the money from friends and family, but it is so important that they save a little for their future!

– I love NerdWallet, and they are presenting the Best College Student Credit Cards! If you want to find the best credit card for you, check them out!


The Best of the Rest

– Sustainable Personal Finance highlights how to Recycle Old Computers and Other Old Stuff. I think recycling is great, and there are also many sites out there that will pay for your old electronics, such as Gazelle.

– Balance Junkie asks How Do You Deal With Financial Stress? Financial stress impacts millions of people, so it is important to learn to keep cool.

– Boomer and Echo presents Why You Shouldn’t Care About Credit Card Interest Rates. It is so true! Pay off the card each month and just find one with awesome rewards!

– My Journey To Millions tells us about his First Experience with Being and Entrepreneur. I love reading stories about how people get started, and his was very similar to mine!

– The Oblivious Investor teaches us How Social Security is Taxed.

– Free From Broke looks at When You Should Borrow Using Peer-to-Peer Lending. I really like sites like Prosper, and this article gives a good look at how it really should be used.

– PT Money looks at Individual vs. Group Health Insurance. This could be useful since group rates with most employers keep going up!

– I like a little controversy, and that is exactly what Simple Debt-Free Finance does with his post, Is Federal Income Tax Unconstitutional?


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