Poker is Still All The Rage!

poker chipsI remember a few years ago when every ESPN channel was dominated by poker championships and other poker tournaments.  Everyone was getting into poker, and this was a time when you could still play poker online easily for money.  But, you know what, poker is still one of the most popular ways for college students and young adults to wager in Vegas or elsewhere.


The World Series of Poker

Right now, the World Series of Poker is right around the corner.  And what makes this so special?  It’s because there are price pots in excess of $1 million – that’s a lot of money to get people enticed into a sport.  Just think – what makes golf popular right now?  Huge payouts attracting top players.  The same is true with poker.

And then there are personalities with poker as well.


Young Players Drawing in College Students

Have you ever heard of Daniel Negreanu?  If not, you’re clearly not paying attention to professional poker.  Daniel Negreanu has won 5 World Series of Poker brackets and 2 World Series of poker championships.  That has netted him millions in winnings, which is truly inspirational for people looking to get into the game.

Plus, Negreanu is all over the television when it comes to watching poker.  He consistently makes it to the final tables of every major poker tournament, so you’re sure to see him on TV.


Is Poker a Sport or a Game?

With poker dominating the airwaves on Saturdays and Sundays on ESPN, the question comes up on whether poker is a game or a sport.  I’m of the belief that it is a sport because it takes a high level of concentration, thought, and knowledge to be successful at the poker table.  Plus, you then have to add in the nerve factor.  I know personally I would have a hard time controlling myself with $500,000 or more sitting in the pot on the table.  That’s a lot of money, whether you’re a professional or not.


Other Reasons to Play Poker

If you’re looking for a hobby (or more) to keep you entertained on the weekends, poker is something that you should consider taking up.  It used to be that Bridge was the card game of choice for mental acuteness and focus.  However, that has fallen off as the game of older people.  Now, if you’re interested in an indoor card playing hobby sport, check out playing poker.

There are typically local tournaments in every major city, and if you do well enough, you can start trying to get to the World Series of Poker.

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  • krantcents

    I started playing cards when I was around 4 years old! I think I learned a lot from playing cards. The first is not to gamble. Seriously, I learned a lot of strategy and social skills. I also played a lot of board games.