My Awful Best Buy Customer Service Experience

best buy customer service

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First, sorry about the late Wednesday post today. I wanted to write about my current battle with Best Buy, and it was supposed to be resolved today. Here is what has happened:

After reading Elle from Couple Money‘s experience in store at Best Buy, I had to share my current on-going awful experience with Best Buy.

To start, we wanted to get a new dryer, and Best Buy had the exact one we wanted on sale for a great price ($599). We went to our nearest store, and the only one they had in stock was the floor model. We really didn’t want the floor model, so the clerk recommended we purchase one online at and it would be delivered to our house just like in store. We liked that idea and went home to do just that.


Problems on

Once we got home and onto their website, we found the dryer we wanted, at the sale price we wanted ($599), and clicked “Add to Cart”. However, when our cart came up, it said the price of the dryer was now $729, the regular price. That was very odd, so we deleted it from our cart and tried again. Sure enough, the website page of the dryer listed the sale price, but every time the item was in our cart, it was the full price. This was extremely frustrating, so we called their customer service number…and this is where the whole experience turns from annoying to outrageous.


Horrible Customer Service Part 1

We called customer service and got a representative on the phone, and we told her our problem. She went on the website, but she could only see the full price. However, she offered up this explanation: “since the sale ended already on the East Coast, the ordering system already thinks the sale is over, even though it is only 9pm on the West Coast. She said this happens to customers from time to time, and there was nothing she could do about the price”. I WAS ENRAGED! My local Best Buy store is still open, and the sale is still current, but because the sale ended where the computers are located, I’m out of luck! Furthermore, the actual webpage shows the sale price, but it is the payment system that is in a different time zone!?!?! I was very frustrated at this point, and basically highlighted the fact that this was a true “bait and switch”. She couldn’t explain it, but she was tried to make it right by offering me a free dryer stand. While this was a $100 value, I was still paying more than I should for the dryer. However, with the stand, I felt that it was still the best I could do (while on the phone I was looking at every competitor possible to get a better price with the stand, and Best Buy was still a good deal for $20 more with the stand). I then paid over the phone with her, and scheduled a delivery date of February 12, 2011. The clerk was very apologetic, and let me know that the delivery people would call the night before to give me a two hour window for delivery.


Horrible Customer Service Part 2

On Friday night, February 11, at about 8pm, we decided to call Best Buy customer service because we had not received our delivery time yet. The representative was very short, and instead of checking, started off with “Our warehouse has until 10pm to call you”. Well, that is not very helpful, and I’m usually asleep by 10pm. I asked her if she could look into it, and she said she would check that system and see if we were scheduled already. After being on hold for about 5 minutes, she came back on and told us that we were not even scheduled for February 12, that we were scheduled for February 14 (Monday). We told her that was incorrect, and we had scheduled it for the 12th because it was a Saturday and we would be home to receive the delivery. She was very adamant that it was scheduled for the 14th, but we insisted she look into it, and she said she would. Instead of checking it, she hung up the phone.

Now very angry, I called back. First, Best Buy played a “bait and switch” on the price. Second, they messed up the delivery date. Now, their clerk had the audacity to hang up on me! This time, I immediately asked to speak to a customer service supervisor. The supervisor came on the phone, and I explained to her everything that had happened so far. She said she would look into it, and put me on hold while she did. After about 10 minutes, she comes back on the phone, and this is her explanation: “Well, it appears the store you bought it at changed the delivery date to the 14th.” Well, my response, of course, is I bought it through customer service, not at a store. She said “Well, it shows here that a store in Eden Prairie changed your delivery date to the 14th”. I told her that I live in California, have never been to Minnesota, and that it was convenient that it happened to be changed where Best Buy is headquartered! She said that she couldn’t explain why it was changed, but it was, and she couldn’t get my dryer to me on Saturday, the 12th.

I asked her if she could call and see if we could be squeezed in, but she informed me that the warehouse was closed. I asked her how that could be, given that the prior clerk said I should receive a call before 10pm, and she didn’t have an answer for me other than that it was closed. Already mad, I couldn’t believe what happened next…there was another person or people listening to my call to their customer service, and they were laughing…LAUGHING!!! and I could hear them on the line. When I asked about this, there was a sudden click, and suddenly no more laughing, and an assurance from the supervisor that no one was listening…yeah right!! This lady offered a $75 discount, but would only give it with strings that I wouldn’t call back and cancel my order the next day…what a bunch of bull! I will cancel my order if I want to, and I won’t be threatened over a $75 discount. Also, apparently there was nobody higher than her that I could talk to.

So here we are, 5 days after the promised delivery date, waiting for a dryer that I had to pay more than the sale price for, having to take time off work to wait for the delivery, and very upset with how I was treated by Best Buy. Best Buy acted and continues to act in a way that is appalling to customers like myself. They even have the tenacity to post a Code of Business Ethics on their website, but it is clear that employees and various locations and levels disregard this policy.

I can only hope Best Buy reads my horror story and implements change. I have sent this to them, and I look forward to a response.

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  1. says

    That is horrible! I’m sorry about your ordeal Robert.

    Everytime someone says Best Buy stock is a good buy I always have a smirk on my face.

    Best Buy will face the same fate as Circuit City.

  2. says

    Wow your story is infuriating! The worst part about it is that you couldn’t beat the price and they seem to know it! Re-Tweeted in the hopes of getting BestBuys Attention

  3. says

    Goodness that’s horrible. I know it’s the best price… But don’t you want to just cancel the order so you can stick it to them? Almost doesn’t seem to be worth it. Terrific read on this end, sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully someone at BestBuy reads this. Thanks for sharing. Tweeting away!

  4. says

    Wow, that’s quite the customer service run around. I actually live and work a hop skip and a jump from the Best Buy headquarters here in Richfield, MN. I’ll run over there on my lunch break and bust some skulls. :)

    But seriously, that stinks – my customer service with Best Buy has actually been much better than that. I recently had a motherboard go out on a TV purchased at Best Buy. They came out to our residence on the correct day and time, and installed the new motherboard in 15 minutes, and had the TV working again in 20. Actually a very good experience. Not sure if we had a better experience because we bought from the flagship store down the block from their headquarters?

    • says

      I’ve always wondered if the stores by headquarters give a notch above? I think they would because I would assume the top executives and their families shop there, so they have to be the best stores in the company.

  5. says

    Every stage of this experience was horrible for you! I hope that you took down names of each person that you spoke with. I hate when the very people whose job it is to “serve” you don’t listen to you or care about your situation at all.

    I really hope that this gets picked up by Consumerist or another large outlet!

    Off to promote it now!

    • says

      Yes, names are so important to having everything resolved properly. That way there can be a clear track record. Plus, many call centers record everything, and everything is digital so it can be traced easily.

  6. says

    Wow, this is horrible. Can you just cancel the order and get your money back? I wouldn’t give any place my money if they acted in this manner. If you can’t cancel, could you do a chargeback?

    I’m going to promote this!

      • carlhancock says

        Your reply says it all.There’s your problem right there. It’s exactly why Best Buy is an electronics giant and why Wal-Mart is as large as it is. “A good price is still hard to beat”.

        You’re willing to give up excellent customer service to get something cheap, cheap, cheap. I’m the opposite. Could I get something cheaper with Company A but have to deal with terrible customer service or business practices? Sure. But i’ll go with Company B where it’s slightly more expensive yet they have great customer service and good business practices.

        When you factor in all the headaches, phone calls, etc. and the time you spent dealing with their customer service is a good price really hard to beat? Is your time that worthless?

        This desire to get everything as cheaply as possible is what has run many small businesses out of business and now people are complaining about the poor customer service, etc. they receive from these businesses. We put ourselves in this position.

        That floor model that’s never actually been run and you likely would have been able to purchase at a discount greater than the sales price had you asked probably looked mighty good while you were going through this ordeal.

        Your mistake was not going elsewhere as soon as you ran into the online shopping cart snafu. Your second mistake was not backing out as soon as you hit the delivery date snafu. Best Buy handled things horribly, but you also appear to be a glutton for punishment all in the name of saving a few bucks.

  7. says

    I am jumping on board and will definitely tweet this to help spread the word! I just find it kind of strange though, I never had any customer service problems with Best Buy. I give them my business for A LOT of household appliances and I have to say that this really changes my perspective of the company.

    Good Luck Robert.

    • says

      Thanks! It’s better late than never. Plus, Best Buy is working to bury this post, so any social promotion help is much appreciated!

  8. Billy says

    The timezone issue is common practice for most companies. The sale ends when the location of their servers reaches midnight. I know, stupid right? This has happened to me when trying to buy an Amtrak train ticket. I called customer service around 9:10pmPST, and he said the sale terminated end of close on east coast. Made no sense, since the route I was purchasing was on the west coast!

    Btw, I’ve worked for a few call centers, and make no mistake about it, most calls that are “escalated” have at least a few people on the line laughing and mocking in the background. Only the amateurs forget to hit the mute button. Oh, and we can hear you when we put you on hold, which is often why sometimes we make you wait so long.

    • says

      I know that call centers can here you when you are holding, so you should never say anything that you don’t want them to hear. I also know that supervisors or managers can listen in at any time as well. It is just irritating that a customer-service focused company like Best Buy has such poor customer service in its call center. Maybe that explains why it is losing market share!

  9. David says

    Best Buy is the worst retailer. I ordered online. The order was so slow. Five items – all came from the same facility in different packages. At first the order indicated that it would process in 0 to 1 days. After a day that changed to 5 – 7 days even though the items were supposedly in stock. I don’t think you could deliver this any slower than if you walked from wherever it was sent. Pony Express from 100 years ago has to be faster than they delivered. I saved maybe $30 – w/ Amazon I would have had everything in two days. This is the last time I ever shop Best Buy whether it is online or in the store. Done. DONT BUY FROM BEST BUY.

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