How To Discuss Stocks on Social Media

twitter logoIf you’re planning on discussing individual stocks on social media, or if you have an investing article where you mention individual stocks, it’s really important that you discuss them on social media the right way.  You may ask, “What’s the right way?”  Well, let me show you what I’m talking about.


How To Tweet About a Stock

If you’re going to tweet about a stock, you should include the “$” followed by the ticker symbol.  For example, look at my tweet here about Zynga:

As you can see, I put the post title, and follow it by $ZNGA.


How You Share Matters

The reason this matters is because you can get your tweet visible to a huge audience if you tweet with the $-sign.  Many different systems pick up this symbol to aggregate your tweets into a wide variety of audience.  Some key sources that use this symbol to share stock information:

  • Yahoo Finance
  • StockTwits

Yahoo Finance

If you go to Yahoo Finance, and enter a ticker symbol, you will see a list of options on the left.  If you go to “MarketPulse”, this will highlight every tweet that has been occurring about a company.  Many individuals and even news sources search this to find interesting articles about a company.  For example, you can see the MarketPulse for Weyerhaeuser.


The NASDAQ also has a similar program called Market Stream, where they aggregate all of the tweets about a stock on their website.  You can find the Market Stream for AAPL on their website.


StockTwits is a private website that highlights investing ideas, but also relies on users utilizing the $ symbol.  StockTwits requires that you sign up, but it is free, and once you do, every time you tweet with a $ symbol, it shows up on their homepage.  If you don’t tweet with that symbol, it doesn’t.  However, you can post ideas directly to their feed without a symbol, if you have more generic investing advice.  I love this site because it lets you follow other users who may share similar investing ideas.


Other Platforms

Investors and news outlets can also find your articles through other social media platforms if you share your stock ideas correctly.  For example, on Tumblr, you should include the stock ticker symbol as a tag so that it is seachable by Tumblr and Google.

Whenever you do post an article about a stock, you should include the stock symbol in the “Meta Description” for search engines.  Many investors search Google using just the ticker symbol, and so having it in your post description will give a lot of weight to your post in the search results.

What other tips do you have for sharing your stock picks on social media?

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