Changing Course: Going Back to School

adult back to schoolAlthough politicians and economists claim that the recent recession has been over for some time, many parts of the country have not recovered, and another recession is rumored to be on the horizon. Because entire industries have disappeared during recent years, formerly working adults have returned to school in record numbers.


Popular Choices

Health care has become a popular field of study for many mature students. Returning to school can be difficult for adults with family obligations, especially due to the cost, but programs such as Sallie Mae student loans can numb some of the financial bite.


Why Go Back To School?

Older adults who have returned to school in recent years, considered it to be a better option than accepting low paying work that involved little chance for advancement. Trying to raise a family on minimum wage is impossible without reliance on social programs, such as food stamps, and many people felt demoralized and disenfranchised by having to apply for benefits. Returning to school seemed like the best way out for them, and many of them have finished their retraining programs and are now gainfully employed.


Does More Education Equal More Money?

If you have recently lost a job and have waning hope for further prospects in that particular field, you may be wondering if returning to school is a viable option for you. Studies have consistently proven that higher education translates into higher earnings on the job market, so giving serious thought to pursuing further education will most likely be in your best interests.

Although many people automatically believe that the healthcare field has the most available jobs, recent graduates of medical and dental programs have created somewhat of a glut on the job market. Opportunities still exist in healthcare, but it’s worth it to take a look at other career sectors.


There are Lots of Options

Many people have experienced job loss due to outsourcing in recent years, and believe that they would feel more secure in their next position, if a guarantee existed that the job would not be outsourced to overseas workers in the future. For this reason, there has been a renewed interest in learning traditional trades such as plumbing. Electricians are another labor group that cannot be easily outsourced. People who are good with their hands, should seriously consider studying for a trade if they want to optimize their chances for not falling victim to outsourcing. Bakers, auto mechanics, chefs, animal technicians and heating and air conditioning personnel are among those safest from having their jobs outsourced.

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    I graduated earlier this year after going back to school. Previously, I was making $40k. After graduation, I got a job making 25% more than my previous career. 6 months later, I switched jobs again, netting another 20% raise in the process. For me, going back to school was worth it because I was going into a well-paying field and i was willing to work hard to catch up to the younger graduates in the same field.

    It really depends on what you choose to study.