The College Investor Summer iPad Giveaway

new ipad giveawayHappy July!  By now, all the college investors should be enjoying summer vacation, and everyone else is feeling the summer doldrums.  I wanted to spice up the month of July here at The College Investor with an awesome giveaway to perk up everyone’s summer.

That is why I am giving away a brand spankin’ new New iPad 16GB Black (honestly, you can have the white one if you win and really want it).  I think this will be a great reward for one lucky College Investor Reader!

If you’re new here, or stopping by for the contest, why don’t you check out some of my best resources:

How to Enter

This contest is going to run from July 1 to July 31.  There are a bunch of ways to enter, and you can gain entries by commenting and promoting every article that is posted this month.  That gives you a ton of potential to enter.  Just look for the Rafflecopter Widget at the bottom of each post!  So make sure that you come back everyday to enter for a chance to win!

I hope you find this giveaway quick and easy – just the way I like them!

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  1. says

    Yeah baby yeah!

    My summer plans are to publish my book on how to profitably quit your job and make a small fortune, travel to Europe 2 weeks, perhaps go to Fincon, and build pillar posts around my book.

    Should be fun!


  2. says

    I am going to be working on a movie for the next couple week and then plan to go hiking for a couple weeks. My plans aren’t set after that, but I hope to go on an extended road trip if I can afford it.

  3. Dawn Hatton says

    My daughter took a trip to England the beginning of June so we are just biding our time until next summer for a vacation!

  4. Daniel M says

    not doing anything summer, my year long goal is to get out of debt so all i get is a staycation

  5. says

    My summer is going to be really busy at work. I’m also going to try and get away for some fun with the family. Beyond that, trying to work on our debt and a few other fun projects.

  6. Sue Ellison says

    We plan to go to Six FLags and Sea World. The temp is already 100+, may have to put that off until the fall!

  7. Rosanne says

    Started the summer with a bang. Went to Washington DC for son’s graduation from grad school. Followed that by going with other son to Mayo Clinic for health problems. Hopefully things will calm down to just getting things done @ home.

  8. Krissy says

    Sadly we don’t have any Summer plans. We’re moving in a week and HOPING to go to Branson, MO before the Summer’s up! :)

  9. says

    I’ll be playing tourist in San Diego before I move! :( Hopefully Sea World, the zoo, dog beach, beach, and just going to my fave restaurants. Also Disneyland and then packing, and moving back to the bay area.

  10. Michelle H. says

    We’re using our summer to tackle some outdoor projects: garage repainting, porch stair repair and some landscaping. This is going to be a working summer, no time for any play :(

  11. says

    My summer plans involve working as little as possible and spending as much time as possible with my son and my wife. We’re also planning on going on a vacation away from our son for a few days at the end of this month, which should be fun.

  12. Emily says

    My plans include a trip with my mother to Michigan and a road trip to visit my brother. Lots of family time!

  13. Mackenzie says

    My summer plans include working two jobs, going to school and taking care of a 5 month old. Yeah… Loads of fun…

  14. Jen says

    I am mostly just working all summer, but going with the bf and his family to Martha’s Vineyard next month :)

  15. says

    My summer plans are to finish a semester of grad school (in just 7weeks!), finally fill out my application to renew my teaching license (after 10 years away from education) and spend as much time as I can with my boys at the pool!

  16. Nury says

    We plan on spending a lot of time tending our garden and harvesting a lot of yummy tomatoes and herbs!

  17. Sara Weekley says

    My plans are to stay home and enjoy my family along with swimming and good food!!! Thank you

  18. says

    I have a lot of summer plans to be honest, but by far the best is plan is for my baby to come in August. My wife is due August 1st, so thats what I’m looking forward to this summer.

  19. Jimmy Arcade says

    Summer plans consist of relaxing and when it’s not too hot, frolicking in the woods the family and our dog!

  20. Jovan says

    This summer I I’m attending summer classes at my local Community College, but when I’m not in school or studying I plan to spend all my time having fun with my friends and family.

  21. says

    My summer plans include preparing for college, which starts in six weeks: catching up on summer reading, buying books, getting supplies, and making the transition from “kid” to “adult.”

  22. Kathy says

    I plan to stay as cool as possible this summer. Also, I’m organizing my stamping supplies and getting ready to have a fall rubber yard sale.

  23. Birdie Skolfield says

    ere going to Lake Tahoe to water ski & Universal Studios So Cal for a fun day & also LegoLand in Carlsbad

  24. Birdie Skolfield says

    were going to Lake Tahoe to water ski & Universal Studios So Cal for a fun day & also LegoLand in Carlsbad

  25. Stephanie A says

    I hope to go to the coast sometime this summer so far haven’t had a chance to go anywhere except camping one weekend.

  26. Ravzie says

    We’ve already taken a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway, but I’m looking to do some scuba diving next month! Thanks for the sweeps.

  27. Ben J says

    My plans so far for the summer are just to hang out with my family, watch shows, play games, and make bank 😉

  28. Lucy Schwartz says

    Our big plans for this summer are done. We had a siding party and our family and friends joined us one Saturday ( and part of ‘sunday) and sided our house. We had a party afterwards. Now we can chill the rest of the summer and follow any dreams that drift our way.

  29. ellen says

    My summer plans are to enjoy our time beefore everyone heads off to school- maybe take a nice road trip into the cities!

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